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Frameless Glass Balustrading We have specialized in custom Frameless Glass Balustrading for over 15 years. Our balustrades use locally sourced 12mm safety glass, toughened to the highest quality standards. We provide a range of different fixing options :

Disc Fixed Balustrading

Our double-disc fixing system is the standard method of installing Frameless Glass Balustrading. Our high quality 48mm 316 Stainless Steel standoff's in brushed or chrome finishes leave an unobtrusive pure glass finish from your deck, and a stylish finish to your home.

Channel Fixed Balustrading

Our channel fixed systems are the perfect match for wooden decks, where warpage in the timber base can pose a problem. By allowing mechanical adjustment of the glass after installation, the natural tendancy of wood to shrink and move with age can be countered.

Post Fixed Balustrading

We can provide several styles of aluminium or steel posts, in natural or powdercoated finishes. Posts allow both top mount and side fixing depending on your requirements.

Clamp Fixed Balustrading

Clamps provide a less obtrusive look than posts, and are popular for pool fencing.

Plate Fixed Balustrading

Plate fixing uses a continuous steel or alumnium plate to clamp the glass. This type of fixing is commonly powdercoated to blend in with existing joinery and gutterings on the house.
We have specialized in Frameless Glass Showers for over 15 years, and can custom design and install the perfect solution for you.
We can offer an amazing standard lead time of one week from measure to installation, as service is our number one priority.
Using our own proprietary methods, installation of a standard frameless glass shower enclosure usually takes around an hour, with an additional 20minutes to hang the door once the silicone is dry.
We do not screw through your waterproofing, to avoid leaks.
Our showers use locally sourced 10mm safety glass, toughened to the highest quality standards.
Our range of chrome/stainless handles and quality hinges enable us to offer an industry leading 10 year guarantee on all our shower products.
We can supply and/or apply Invizishield glass surface protectant, which seals the natural pores in glass and stops hard water and soap residue from sticking.
We also provide and install frameless glass shelves, a 250mm rounded corner shelf made of the same high quality 10mm safety glass as our showers, at a very competitive price.
We supply and install several different types of pool fencing. The most economical, and potentially the best looking is our grout fixed system, where the glass is installed directly into the concrete slab. Most of the other systems we use for glass balustrading can be used for pool fencing also, but the regulations regarding heights and access are different, and must be taken into account.
We custom make frameless mirrors to suit any room in your house.
Crafted in 4, 5 or 6mm thicknesses, all our mirrors feature flat polished edges, and are fixed with mirror tape and glue to your wall.
We can install over demister pads, on cupboard doors, just about anywhere theres a flat surface.

Common modifications made to mirrors are bevelled edges, sandblasting (front or back) and 'floating' mirrors spaced off the wall.
Splashbacks We can install coloured glass splashbacks to make your kitchen special. With a range of metallic and regular paints, we can add a splash of colour to liven up your kitchen. All our splashbacks are made from 5 or 6mm toughened safety glass, which is heat resistant and conforms to all building codes. Please call our team for more information.

We can provide toughened glass canopies that give a very modern look to your entranceway. A common method is to install glass on top of specifically designed steel supports, however we can retrofit canopies over doors where there is no existing support structure. Please call for details. .

We regularly supply customers with glass shelves in 6-10mm toughened safety glass. We can source a wide range of brackets specifically designed for glass, and can custom make your shelves to fit.
Patterned and tinted glass available.

Another request we often see is for toughened glass tabletops, either to replace old non-toughened glass which has broken, or to protect expensive wooden finishes.
We can supply a range of thicknesses, and edge beveling to match your requirements.


It’s the beauty of glass that makes the ordinary extraordinary.
Specializing in Frameless Glass Showers, Balustrades, Pool Fences, Mirrors and Splashbacks. We bring the extraordinary to reality.
Our success at doing this is directly related to our talented, experienced employees, who enjoy their trade and care about their customers.
We strive to provide exceptional service, and work together as a team to the satisfaction of our clients.







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03 3586123
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Please call us if you require more information, and we will be more than happy to scan and upload.

Splashback Colours

We can paint the back of glass in alsmost any colour imaginable.
If you know the name of the colour you require, great! if not, we can match to a colour sample.
Our paints are specifically designed for use on glass, and are covered by our quality guarantee.

Resene Colour Picker

Powdercoat Colours

We can have balustrade fixings powdercoated in any of the standard colours, if you require something out of the ordinary, please call us, as we are most probably able to help with that too.

Interpon Standard Colours PDF

D HandleStandard 'D' Handle
D HandleFineline Handle
D HandleFineline Square Handle
D HandleCubix Handle
D HandleCubix 2 Handle
D HandleSingle 'D' Handle
D HandleStandard 50mm Standoff
D Handle200mm Corner Shelf
D Handle200mm Soapdish Shelf
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose Prestige Frameless Glass over other companies?

A: While we provide beautiful glass products, it’s the amazing team behind the glass that makes us successful and keeps our customers coming back. We want you to love, not just your frameless shower, mirrors, etc., but the whole experience.
Our success is driven by our talented, experienced employees who are passionate about their craft and care about each customer. From the initial call to the final installation, we strive to provide exceptional service, and work together as a team to provide each client a stress free and superior experience.

Q: Can I get an estimate before you come out?

A: Yes, if you can provide us a drawing with the approximate sizing, product selection and hardware color we are glad to provide an estimated cost. We’re happy to discuss your project over the phone, but estimate requests can also be submitted anytime via email or fax (03 3586123).

Q: What is the difference between Framed, Semi-Frameless, and Frameless shower enclosures?

A: In a Framed shower enclosure all edges have framing. With Semi-Frameless showers all edges have framing except the door on three sides. Frameless shower enclosures have no framing so the exposed edges are seamless.

Q: If I purchase a product through Prestige Frameless Glass what is the process from beginning to finish?

A: One of our experienced consultants will come to your home to take measurements and discuss layout options. Based on the measurement details and preferences of the homeowner, we prepare a proposal and drawing of the project. Once proposal has been approved and signed, and a 50% deposit is provided, the fabrication is started. We generally schedule installations 4-6 days after approval for shower enclosures and mirrors. Splashbacks and other painted glass require an extra 4 days for painting, and all outdoors and oversize glass is weather dependant.

Q: What is the warranty on your product?

A: We have a industry leading 10 year guarantee on all our standard products. Contact us for more information.

Q: Do I need a glass headrail on my shower?

A: Headrails serve two purposes, they make the whole shower unit rock solid, and ensure the door opening stays the same size. We can install shower screens without headrails, but only at the customers request and risk.

Q: If I’m building or remodeling my bathroom, what work needs to be completed before you can measure and install?

A: The tiles need to be layed, but the grouting need not be completed.

Q: Does all glass have that green tint?

A: All standard glass has edges with a green tint. You can upgrade to Starphire Glass, a low iron glass that has clear edges. The difference is most apparent with very light tile or marble.

Q: What should I use to clean my shower?

A: We recommend the last person to use the shower wipes it down with their damp towel. This stops any large drops of water evaporating on the glass, leaving mineral and soap deposits.

Q: Do you have a product that helps reduce the effects of water spots?

A: Yes, we supply and can install InvisiShield glass protectant.

Please call us for more information.
It's the beauty of glass that makes the ordinary extraordinary.
We bring the extraordinary to reality.
Our success at doing this is directly related to our talented, experienced employees, who enjoy their trade and care about their customers.
We strive to provide exceptional service, and work together as a team to the satisfaction of our clients.
90 Degree Shower Door and Return, Full Wall Mirror
90 Degree Panels, No Door 90 Degree Door and Return with Silicone Joint 90 Degree Door and Return with Silicone Joint Over Bath 90 Degree Door and Return with 45 Degree Silicone Joints Over Bath Door Between Panels Frameless Glass Panel Panel Hung Door 200mm Corner Shelf Duet Slider Duet Slider with 90 Degree Return
Disc Fixed Balustrade on Stairs and Landing Disc Fixed Balustrade on Stairs and Landing Disc Fixed Exterior Balustrade Disc Fixed Exterior Balustrade Face Fixed Glass Vice Balustrade Post Fixed Balustrade with Handrail BA112 Channel Fixed Balustrade BA112 Channel Fixed, and Grout Fixed Balustrades Steel Tab Post Fixed Balustrade 3-Side Channel Fixed Balustrade
Glass Vice Clamp Fixed Pool Fence Grout Fixed Pool Fence Spigot Fixed Pool Fence Grout Fixed Pool Fence
Floating Mirror with Sandblasted Band Mirror with Painted Band 25mm Edge Bevel Detail Standard Flat Polished Mirror Standard Flat Polished Mirror Custom Smoked Mirror with Edge Bevel
Hot Chilli Splashback
Glass Canopy Toughened Glass Shelves